How CH Media Gets More Done in Less Time with Improved SEO Rankings Using iMatrics & Livingdocs

Learn how publishers at CH Media enhanced reach and search engine results with topic pages using two collaboration tools.

CH Media is home to over 80 brands that are on the pulse of life.
CH Media decided to take a leap of improving their readers’ overall online experience through easy-to-use solutions for better engagement on their platform, without compromising the rapid pace of their news publishing.

Since CH Media is one of the fastest growing and leading Swiss media companies that produce quality news on a daily and weekly basis for a variety of newspapers and magazines, their printed products need to be brought in the online digital world.

However, it was a challenge to consolidate the relevant information into engaging and coherent content within topic clusters for better reach and improved speed.

Thus, CH Media came up with the idea of creating topic pages to improve readability and content discovery.

The overall process is seamless where the readers could discover their preferred content easily. It would also improve the user experience and content engagement leading to increased session duration.

We needed an effortless way for our readers to discover more related content and to read more and stay longer on site each session. – Janic Köbeli, SEO Manager of CH Media

As exciting as it sounds, the process simplifies the life of publishers and content creators. However, it was a daunting task to implement.

There are innumerable articles on CH Media’s database, each pertaining to different categories and niches.

Though CH Media is a dedicated team of hardworking publishers, they wanted to make the creation of topic pages a breeze without wasting time and energy. CH Media also wanted to boost internal linking by providing links between existing content and new, updated articles for better reach and visibility.

For example, if a reader is reading an article about the current financial situation of the country, CH Media would like to link other relevant articles somewhere in the current piece where applicable. And so, they needed automation software to save valuable time and generate accurate metadata to link it to their current page.

This way, CH Media experiences a better session duration and the readers get richer information about the overall topic.

This is where our collaboration with Livingdocs came in handy for CH Media.

Livingdocs, like the excellent modern digital content and publishing system that it is, facilitated the newsroom workflows and helped CH Media with a smooth transition to the digital world with its drag & drop content creation and publishing system.

While iMatrics helped them get more out of their valuable content.

We listened to the demands of CH Media and allowed our automatic tagging system to create high-quality, result-driven metadata from the articles themselves; categories, topics, entities.

These relevant tags and content are visible at the bottom of the article where the readers have easy access to associated tags among the chosen topics. The readers can direct themselves to any topic page with the help of these tags that helped CH Media boost their SEO rankings over time.

It should be noted that our automated and augmented tagging technology is flexible. Therefore, it allows you to edit the metadata according to your own liking and provide you with relevant suggestions to add or remove tags based on your preferences.

Together, Livingdocs and iMatrics are a power system for digital publishers.

Let’s suppose you are a journalist.

You’re writing text in the Livingdocs content creation system into which the iMatrics cloud-based solution is integrated. As you’re writing your content, our auto-tagging software analyzes the text and returns relevant metadata, that is being added in the content.

Now, based on the parameters of your content, tags are generated and suggested to you. It’s you who decides whether to add these tags or remove them on the topic pages.

And that, in essence, is one of the purposes of our collaboration: to create new products that save time for writers and publishers while enhancing the SEO reach and adding more value for readers through powerful content.

The integration of iMatrics into Livingdocs has been proven a win for CH Media because they successfully created topic pages and improved reader engagement.

Additionally, the collaboration successfully garnered approximately 70K to 80K views per week for CH Media with over 10,000 topic pages around various categories, which is commendable.

CH Media experienced a positive effect on their internal linking structure, better data analysis for topics, and customized ad placements after the implementation of the solution. It is a proof that Livingdocs and iMatrics together makes publishing easier.

Our Livingdocs CMS and the seamlessly integrated tagging system of iMatrics allowed us to keep full control over the tagging so that our editors were able to add and change tags on their own and provide the best possible results for our readers. As a result, we achieved improved keyword and URL rankings on Google, proving our strategy to be working. – Janic Köbeli, SEO Manager of CH Media

Thus, if you run an online news platform, there’s room to improve a lot in terms of SEO reach, internal linking, and accurate metatags.

And the solution is only one: the powerful combo of Livingdocs and iMatrics that provide cohesive content for your online audience.

Learn how iMatrics can transform your business here.

Fredrik Lundberg
Fredrik Lundberg
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