Major market investment in DACH region by iMatrics

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iMatrics is making a major market investment in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland during 2021. A growing customer base in both Germany and Switzerland and a great demand for digitalization of the media industry has led iMatrics to partner up with Business Sweden for further expansion into the DACH region.

Publishers are facing a lot of challenges, but also opportunities, in their digital journey. New business models are emerging to satisfy growing digital audiences and opportunities.

iMatrics is seeing a growing demand in the DACH region for their auto-tagging solution and content metadata expertise. Customers in Switzerland (CH Media and NZZ Mediengruppe) and a recently started project with a major German media house, have all been important factors in the investment decision. 

“From our market leading position in Scandinavia, we are now seeing the same needs all over the DACH region and a growing interest in our solutions”

says Mari Ahlquist, CRO at iMatrics.

High quality and relevant metadata are key for the development of many digital products and services. One use case that iMatrics is seeing a great interest in is Concept Pages, for their positive effects on SEO. Recently CH Media went live with their Concept Pages, also known as Themenseiten, a result of a joint project between CH Media and iMatrics.

iMatrics mission and long-term goal are to “Make the media industry data-driven” and become the market leader for auto-tagging solutions in the world.

iMatrics’ CTO, Christoffer Krona, is excited about the market push and states that

Our focus in the DACH region, and any region where we are active, is to help publishers grow their digital business using modern natural language processing technologies”.

For more information, contact:
Mari Ahlquist, CRO at iMatrics AB, +46 (0)73 633 15 18

About iMatrics

iMatrics mission is to make the industry data-driven. iMatrics customers are press agencies, news publishers, and magazine providers. iMatrics supports their customers by creating a high-quality metadata foundation for their digital journey. The cloud-based auto-tagging solution uses research in machine learning, data mining, natural language processing, and AI. Since establishing in 2015 iMatrics has grown continuously and has today customers in six European countries. 

About Business Sweden 

Business Sweden is present in the world’s 50 most promising markets for over 40 years, at the scene, supporting Swedish companies. Business Sweden is an organization jointly owned by the Government of Sweden and representatives from the Swedish business community, through the Swedish Foreign Trade Association.  

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