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Project showcase

Gender Balance Tool

Did you know that our Gender Balance Tool product started out as a collaboration project with a couple of our early Auto-tagging clients?

One of our contacts came to us, saying, we know that we have a problem with an uneven representation of men and women in our articles. However, we don't have any numbers on it and definitely can't track it over time. Is this something iMatrics could help us solve?

Our answer, "Definitely! Lets sketch up a project proposal.".

Project showcase

Smart iMage Suggestions

Stop wasting time looking for images that match your content.

iMatrics' Smart iMage Suggestions tool simplifies the process of finding suitable images for your content. All based on quality metadata.

  1. Our AI automatically tags your content with concepts such as categories, topics and entities.
  2. We match the metadata with metadata and text in your image database.
  3. A few highly relevant images are presented for you to choose from.

Project showcase

Analyzing transcribed content

Content such as podcasts, tv shows, radio, music or any other content with natural language can be analyzed using iMatrics' Auto-tagging tool.

iMatrics' Auto-tagging tool can analyze transcribed content and enrich it with metadata such as categories, topics, entities and gender balance. The metadata can then be used as bridges between different content types consisting of video, audio and text.

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