Gota Media's journey from Data to Value

Transforming Content Strategies at Gota Media with iMatrics: A Success Story

David Beck
Data Manager, Gota Media

"We didn’t just want to be clients providing a spec and getting a solution delivered.

We were looking for a more agile and forward thinking approach, working in small steps and adapt as we learned, and as conditions changed.

We also wanted a provider who challenged our beliefs and worked proactively with future implementations.”


Just by using iMatrics auto-tagging, Gota Media saved about 7 minutes per article in manual labor.

Giving more time for journalists to do what they do best: write quality content.

So far, over 986 700 articles have been automatically tagged with valuable metadata. Such as People, Places, Organizations, Events, Objects, Topics, and Categories.

Transforming Content Strategies at Gota Media with iMatrics

How it all started

In the midst of digital transformation, Gota Media, a leading media company in southern Sweden, faced a challenge. 

Generating large amounts of text, they saw a need to extract more value from it. They had identified metadata as a key component of this. 

A partnership with iMatrics was forged, driven by a mutual desire for an agile, responsive solution that could adapt to evolving conditions.

Creating, managing and working with metadata

iMatrics delivered, leveraging their deep expertise in AI and machine learning to turn Gota Media’s metadata into a structured, valuable resource.

This metadata project was the first step in transforming Gota Media's content strategies, equipping them with the tools they needed to offer a modern, personalized reading experience for their audience.

Their initial project focused on creating structure around metadata, verifying data, and automating metadata management. It yielded impressive results, making it easier to categorize and personalize content.

Their new capacity for metadata management also enabled Gota Media to enhance their search engine on their site with the help of iMatrics, providing a significantly improved user experience.

Demo of iMatrics auto-tagging

Image of iMatrics' Gender Balance Analysis

Gender Balanced News Reporting

But this was only the beginning. The success of this initial endeavor sparked the development of more innovative projects between Gota Media and iMatrics.

One major project was the creation of the iMatrics Gender Balance tool. This innovative tool allows content creators to get direct feedback on how well gender balanced their text is. 

Addressing the need for equality in content and empowering creators to better target various demographics.

Jens Pehrson
Editorial Analytics, Gota Media

"The gender tool from iMatrics helps us keep track of one aspect of mirroring the world in an easy and effective way."

A powerful recommendation system for news publishers

Alongside these projects, Gota Media leverages the metadata in their editorial dashboard to analyze their production and engagement, driving data-informed planning and strategy.

One of their ongoing projects, a recommendation system developed in collaboration with iMatrics, shows substantial promise. Though still in its early stages, the project points towards a new frontier for Gota Media and a potent illustration of the power of their partnership with iMatrics.

iMatrics recommendations in one of Gota Media's local newspapers