Topic Pages

It's never been easier to get more out of your content, engage your readers and rank higher on search engines and Google Discover.

You have the content, we have the experience and system to help you.

What would 500 000 extra page views per month mean to you?

Improve your overall site structure, rank higher on search engines, and get easily picked up by services such as Google Discover.

Our automatic tagging system adds metadata tags such as categories, topics and entities to your content, in real time.

These tags are visible on your site, and help your readers navigate, finding more content and specific topic pages of their interest.

SEO and Google Discover

Improve your website’s SEO and increase Google Discover visibility by adopting a topic page approach. With consistent metadata and a reliable metadata partner, you’ll quickly see results.

High quality metadata, means better experience and structure on your site

Strengthen your best content and boost your site’s structure with quality metadata. This key SEO technique brings all relevant content together, making it easily discoverable for both readers and machines.

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All you need to know on why you should start optimizing Topic Pages with iMatrics.

Efficient content discovery for readers and machines

Topic pages simplify content discovery for readers, enabling them to find relevant content all in one place. Machines also benefit from this approach, as it helps them determine the importance of specific content.

Enhance user experience with rich content discovery

Utilize the rich content on your website by allowing your audience to explore it through topic pages. This improves your site’s readability and content visibility, encouraging users to read more and stay longer.

Boost site ranking and organic traffic through site structure and SEO

Improve your site’s search engine ranking and drive real-time organic traffic by combining a robust site structure with relevant content and strong linking between thousands of related pages.

Flexible automated and augmented tagging technology

Our tagging technology is adaptable, allowing publishers to edit metadata according to their preferences. Get relevant suggestions for adding or removing tags based on your requirements.

Encourage readers to spend more time on your site

Research indicates that visitors spend less than 59 seconds on average per page. iMatrics enables the creation of thousands of manual and automatic topic pages, helping readers find their desired content faster and driving organic traffic to your website.