Wikidata: “One ID to rule them all”

Since its inception in late 2012, Wikidata has become one of the largest and most prominent collections of open data on the web, consisting of more than 400 million statements and over 95 million entities. It is one of the most active projects of the Wikimedia Foundation in terms of contributors.

Wikidata is becoming more and more important as a data source in the media industry. Based on that trend and the demands from our clients, we have been working on implementing Wikidata in our entity tagging for a few years.

The demand for more knowledge about Wikidata´s role for publishers and broadcasters led to a joint webinar between the organizations EBU (European broadcasting union) and the IPTC

iMatrics are incredibly proud to have Gustav Carlberg (featured in the image preparing for the webinar) as one of many well-renowned speakers from NTB, New York Times, Yle, RAI, France TV, IPTC, Gruppo RES, Media Press, and Perfect Memory.

“I am very proud of the fantastic results and excited about the vision of helping both publishers and broadcasters utilize Wikidata in their daily business.”
– Fredrik Lundberg, Senior Marketing and Sales Development at iMatrics.

If you are interested to learn more about iMatrics can help you start using Wikidata, then please reach out to us, and we will help you.


Fredrik Lundberg
Fredrik Lundberg
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