iMatrics and Norkon partner up for auto-tagging integration

Metadata in live blogging and its importance for SEO, recommendations, and analysis

With the fast pace of the media industry and the ever-growing number of content in a variety of channels, data is becoming more and more important. For news publishers, one of the most important data types is called metadata, which means “data about data”. Having high-quality metadata provides a foundation for recommendations, automation, and personalization, as well as improving SEO and reach. 

iMatrics are experts in metadata and through AI-based auto-tagging solutions, news organizations are able to generate metadata on content such as categories, detailed topics, and entities in an automatic and real-time way, regardless of the content language. 

iMatrics and Norkon have joined forces to deliver a smart and user-friendly solution that helps journalists and editors save time and effort by automatically providing tag suggestions straight into the editor interface.

Norkon’s live blogging solution, Live Center, is commonly used by news and sports websites, global media companies, and national public broadcasters to help communicate real-time news and events to their readers. Any editor is able to create highly engaging live feeds or live blogs with custom design, allowing for native-looking content within the newspaper’s ecosystem.

Watch a demo of iMatrics auto-tagging solution in Norkon’s Live Center below


The integration of Live Center with iMatrics’ auto-tagging solution results in seamless recommendations to readers, facilitating the navigation between content and keeping them longer on news platforms’ sites.
Another benefit is enhanced SEO since relevant and consistent metadata, as well as links to more content, add value to each article. This creation of a strong linking structure is exactly what Google loves. 

To sum up – metadata leads to greater reader experience, adds value to written content, and increases the reach of content. Live Center’s integration with iMatrics is currently in beta testing with a joint customer and will be available soon. If you would like to learn more or try out this integration for yourself, please reach out to iMatrics or Norkon.

Fredrik Lundberg
Fredrik Lundberg
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