Celebrating a Year of Innovation and Partnerships at iMatrics: Looking Forward to 2024

Celebrating a Year of Innovation and Partnerships

At iMatrics, we're humbly grateful for a year of remarkable achievements and growth. As we look towards the future, we're excited for the opportunities 2024 will bring, continuing our journey of innovation and partnership. Thank you for being with us.

Image of customers and partners at iMatrics Advisory council 2023.

Release of our Personalization & Recommendation Engine

With very promising results, we have soft-launched our personalization and recommendations engine version 2.0. During 2024, three publishers will be using it and we are excited to share our experience as well as the results. 

Contextual advertising with IAB taxonomy 

Together with Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger Medien, we are creating the possibility to use the IAB taxonomy automatically in our tagging service. A big step forward in working with contextual advertising and responsible ad targeting.

Smart Image Suggestions live at NTB

The Norwegian Press Agency, NTB is now live with our Smart Image Suggestion service, getting automatic image suggestions based on article metadata. This has the potential to become an important timesaver for both NTB and other press agencies and publishers in the future.

Medialivre (formerly Cofina Media) going live with our services

In September we celebrated the launch of our service across all of Medialivre's titles, our first Portuguese customer! 

Historical tagging back to the 1930s

It was a proud moment when NRC unveiled its historic archive, allowing readers to gain access to stories throughout history as well as enriching our understanding of the past, made possible through our tagging. Articles between the years 1931 and 1994 have been tagged. 


Webinars are back on iMatrics' agenda. We see it as one of many good ways to spread knowledge on how to use AI and metadata successfully as a publisher. Our latest webinar session regarding how to drive reach and increase reader engagement can be found here. 


Please reach out with requests for more topics you want us to showcase. 

Customer Satisfaction

We sent out a customer survey during the year, allowing our customers to voice their opinions about us as a supplier. We are very proud of the answers!

  • Our customers rate their overall satisfaction with us as 4.6 out of 5. 
  • Our support service was given a 5 out of 5 from all participants.
  • When asked about the likelihood of recommending us to others, we received an astonishing 9.3 out of 10.

What lies ahead?

There are many exciting features ahead of us in our roadmap, and we have chosen to highlight a few of the ones that will be coming soon. As always, don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or feedback.

New entity weighting demo

The new entity weighting settings were added to our API a few months back, but we quickly found that it was difficult to adopt it without easier ways of experimenting with it. Therefore we have now added advanced settings to our demo. The settings are not ready in the Webportal just yet but will be rolled out shortly.

Bulk edit in Concept Management

One of the feedback points we received at this year's Advisory Council event in May, was to add a bulk edit feature to our Concept Management. We always try our best to listen and act to customer feedback, and as a resultat, we have the first version ready in our stage environment.

The feature will be rolled out soon, but for now, please check out the short demo below.

Next steps for our Personalization & Recommendation engine

Most of you probably already know that in 2023 we have been hard at work on our new recommendation engine.

The foundational aspects of our Personalization & Recommendation engine are:

  • Flexible and scalable enough to be used to power entire news sites. You should be able to use it to power any part of the site you desire.
  • Fully GDPR and privacy compliant. We think that recommendations should always be a positive add-on and should adapt to user wishes.
  • Respectful of journalistic principles and the editorial work process. While AI is often seen as either scary and disruptive or full of possibilities, we believe that systems and AI tools should be seen for what they are: tools.

Our engine should give our customers the power to reach new possibilities, with great options to avoid going against core principles.

The foundation for this is already in place, but we are continuously working on improvements. Next year you can expect us to add support for push notifications, new customizable components and release multiple use cases showcasing the great results that can be achieved.

Content Insights

A long time ago we started working on a new product we called Production Insights that never really took off. We were confident in the value it could provide, but in the end it was clear that while it held a lot of promise, it was a type of data that our customers expected to see in other systems.


Now we are revisiting some of our previous components, adding some new tools we have developed for internal quality assurance and improvement work and revamping the old Production Insights as Content Insights. A tool meant to empower our Concept Management admins. We will try rolling out features related to this to all of our ConceptCore/Auto-tagging customers in the beginning of next year and aim to reinvigorate our analytics initiatives.

Fredrik Lundberg
Fredrik Lundberg
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