Warm welcome Tova and Rasmus

Tova and Rasmus' iMatrics Internship Adventure

At iMatrics, we're thrilled to open our doors to two new faces, Tova and Rasmus, who have recently joined us as interns. Their arrival comes at an exciting time for our team, as we continue to embrace fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Tova and Rasmus bring with them not just their academic knowledge, but also a genuine enthusiasm for diving into the world of AI and content creation. We're not just a workplace for them; we're a learning ground where they can explore, grow, and contribute in meaningful ways. Welcome aboard, Tova and Rasmus – we're so glad to have you with us on this journey!

Meet Tova

As she nears the end of her Content Creator education, Tova chose iMatrics for her final internship, captivated by the blend of AI and creative content production.

"I'm keen to apply my creative skills in this innovative setting and make a meaningful contribution," shares Tova.

Her creativity isn't just confined to her professional work; it extends to hobbies like sewing, photography, and gardening. Tova's broad interests and lively personality perfectly echo iMatrics’ dynamic and creative spirit.

Meet Rasmus

Rasmus, our other intern, is on a journey to become a Digital Content Producer. He's equally passionate about exploring the natural wonders of Norway and the realm of digital creativity.

From abstract painting to advanced digital content creation, Rasmus is a man of diverse interests.

"My internship at iMatrics is a golden chance to delve into AI while honing my content creation abilities," Rasmus reflects.

His adventurous and eager-to-learn attitude aligns seamlessly with iMatrics' culture of innovation and exploration.

Fredrik Lundberg, Head of Marketing at iMatrics, understands the importance of integrating interns like Tova and Rasmus into our team.

"Their involvement is very valuable. They bring their skills and are gaining critical industry insights. Finding individuals who resonate with our values and culture is key, and Tova and Rasmus are perfect examples of this synergy," says Fredrik.

He views internships as a two-way street of growth and learning, benefiting both the interns and the company.

Tova and Rasmus have embarked on an exciting journey with us at iMatrics. They bring new perspectives and enthusiasm to our team.

Stay tuned for more updates from Tova, Rasmus, Fredrik and iMatrics

Check out some of Tova and Rusmus contributions so far. In just a week into their internship!

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Fredrik Lundberg
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