Gender Analysis

Gender analysis can help two of Sweden’s major news organizations reach all types of readers

Statistics show that men are overrepresented in Swedish news media, regardless of age, profession, or function*. This is something two of our customers, Gota Media and Stampen Media, can relate to. 

“We want to become better at measuring gender representation in our content for two reasons: To get a better and more informed daily discussion in the newsroom regarding representation. And to be able to measure changes in content gender balance over time – and its correlation with other metrics, for example, our ability to reach new audiences.”

Johan Bohlin, Stampen

“In our struggle to reach new audiences we need to be aware of who we present in our content. To let the reporter get immediate feedback is one of our key measures in this struggle.”

Peter Sigfridsson, Gota Media

These values ended up in a joint project together with us at iMatrics during the autumn of 2020, since then we have used our technology and expertise to develop a service that allows the customer to see the gender representation in their written material, both in real-time when their journalist writes and statistics over time.

The project has kickstarted and is already getting a lot of traction, we hope to present more interesting news regarding the project soon!

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Fredrik Lundberg
Fredrik Lundberg
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