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Personalization, recommendations, adtech, automation, production insights… yes, there are many use cases when you have high-quality metadata in place. With relevant and high-quality metadata, you will be able to refine the reader experience, attract advertisers, and make your production more efficient. iMatrics is supporting publishers with industry-specific auto-tagging services, and we have created a best practice model to make it concise and easy to improve your metadata step by step.

Get a ready-to-be-implemented customized AI auto-tagging solution that assigns relevant categories, topics, and entities.

Explore different metadata use cases, such as; Topic pages, Theme pages, recommendations, image mapping, production insights, and how to get there.

iMatrics – a leading auto-tagging solution with media focus

With multiple successful auto-tagging implementations behind us, we have learned how to create a great tagging service; you need to combine expertise in several areas. Using the best tools in Machine learning, AI, data analysis, IT architecture, we are able to combine this with editorial knowledge seamlessly and efficiently. This mix of knowledge, new techniques, and experiences from many different media organizations, allow us to deliver the best possible result with the least amount of effort on the customer’s part.

Improved time to value with iMatrics Best Practice model

Based on our experience, we have created a best practice model focusing on increasing the relevancy and quality of your metadata as well as automation. The best practice model will be based on your data and customized to fit your editorial content.  Regardless of your present situation, you will have better insight into the value of an industry-specific auto-tagging service and be prepared to take the next step in your digital journey.

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Fredrik Lundberg
Fredrik Lundberg
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