Our experience and many successful projects have shown us that metadata is a crucial next step of the digitalization in the media industry. Let our passion for metadata and publishing help you reach your digital goals. Scroll down for more information on our solutions.

ConceptCore & Auto-tagging

The language independent AI solution enables more time for journalists to focus on their primary task; writing. At the same time, it provides better quality data that improves decision-making and opens up opportunities to build new products and services.

Our solution automatically checks your articles for suitable tags and prepares them for publishing on the web. As you write, it generates the metadata in the background. High-quality and consistent metadata provides a foundation for recommendations, automation, and personalization, as well as easy and efficient improvement of SEO and reach.

Personalization & Recommendations

Allow for powerful automatic content distribution based on personal user interests using iMatrics' Recommendation engine.

Gender Balance Tool

Write news for everyone! With iMatrics’ Gender Balance Tool, you will get instant feedback on how well you represent various genders in your content.