By implementing iMatrics’ solutions you enhance the reader experience, increase reader loyalty, and reduce costs with auto-tagging for digitalized media. Start digitalizing your business today.

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The language-independent AI solution enables more time for journalists to focus on their primary task; writing.

At the same time, it provides better quality data that improves decision-making, and opens up opportunities to build new products and services.


Personalize content for different readership categories, and related news items can be published automatically to give readers faster, more relevant access to material in their areas of interest. Accurate and relevant recommendations make readers happy and make them want to consume more content. They also have higher acceptance for ads and subscription costs.

Product Insights

Auto-tagging is really a means to an end better control. Tags give you the ability to understand your content and analyze it; mixed with reader data, you get valuable insight about your production and the reader consumption. With these insights, decision-making becomes easier and more accurate.

Start your journey towards a digitalized business 

Readers today expect compelling, informative journalism that’s responsive and proactive—at the touch of a screen. iMatrics lets you meet this challenge by freeing your writers from the drudgery and hit-or-miss nature of tagging. With our solution, tagging is automated even as journalists write, giving your readers consistent, relevant tags that enhance their reading experience. And you get more productive journalists and a wealth of data that can be mined to provide a broader range of services and expand your revenue channels.

How it works

Our solution automatically checks your articles for fitting tags and prepares it for publishing on the web. As you write, it generates the correct metadata in the background, including the most relevant tags to optimize contextualization. This improves SEO, enables better referrals, and increases your reach. And all you have to do is focus on your writing.




Save time, increase readership


Uses your data and preferences


Smarter, more accurate business intelligence

Platform for performance and profit

iMatrics offers far more than just a tagging solution. It provides a range of additional services that create a complete platform for improved performance and profitability.



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