International company that helps publishers to create a high-quality metadata foundation for their digital journey. Our cloud-based Auto-tagging solution uses the latest research in machine learning, data mining, natural language processing, and AI.

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We are iMatrics: Experts in metadata

Through our AI-based auto-tagging, we help news organizations create metadata from their content, automatically and in real-time, regardless of language.

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  • The company iMatrics
  • Metadata for publishers
  • How to get high quality metadata
  • The possibilities when using metadata

Auto-tagging: how it works

Our solution automatically checks your articles for suitable tags and prepares them for publishing on the web. As you write, it generates the correct metadata in the background, including the most relevant tags to optimize contextualization. High-quality metadata provides a foundation for recommendations, automation, and personalization, as well as improving SEO and reach.

The value we provide

More delighted readers

More productive writers

Increased revenue

Accurate business data

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